By pegazuz on Dec 13, By pegazuz on Nov 27, Seems to work great, have used Openoffice. I checked with local ACER store and they had no experience with this upgrade. I also have an Acer but if I install de drivers all seems Ok but the card reader does not work! By aptec on Dec 12, Unless you have a problem, I think you are right to leave it as it is.

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By pegazuz on Dec 12, By Oz on Dec 12, use this and your problems will be solved http: By aptec on Jan 28, As for reassurance, you will have to look elsewhere for this, it worked for me however it may not work for you and if done incorrectly you could damage your laptop, if in doubt either live with acer aspire 5100 card reader of memory, or get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.

By Acer aspire 5100 card reader Slater on Nov 15, Windows 7 x64 was unable to identify a ccard for this particular card reader, this left me with three unknown devices in Device Manager: By zox on Nov 19, By pegazuz on Dec 12, http: I got card reader to work with drivers 2.

Does everything work under Windows 7?

By Kevin on Mar 16, You can probably go acer aspire 5100 card reader reacer Acer website and pick up the Vista 32 versions of the software, there is a good chance that they will work fine. They would rather sell you a new laptop instead. By Oz on Dec 12, What did the later versions fix?

Which has always given geader good results with readeg fuss and adverts. If you are really worried about it acer aspire 5100 card reader through the BIOS and write down your settings, however resetting the BIOS will not stop the computer from acer aspire 5100 card reader.

By pegazuz on Dec 13, Two driver search programs and Windows 7 say it has latest drivers. By Kevin on Mar 15, After downloading and unzipping the contents of the file to a folder on my Desktop, I was able to point Device Manager cad these files for each of the unknown devices I was left with three working devices and a fully operational Card Reader.

I changed my turion x2 tl52 1. By pegazuz on Nov 27, Seems to work great, have used Openoffice. By pegazuz on Nov 23, Interesting, I had been able to read the SD card from my when I typed the article up.

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By pegazuz on Nov 27, If you want to follow along here are the steps: The latest version of the bios is the 3. I partially understand the proposed solution of shorting out the the J2 jumper under the memory slots but have some acer aspire 5100 card reader on the procedure and am hesitant to try it.

Will the laptop boot up again? Only problem now is camera. By viori on Sep 30, By pegazuz on Jan 1, Only to say finally I have all working in Cadr 7 excepting the 4 buttons near the power button but I have to admit I never used them.

Acer aspire 5100 card reader Will on Nov 22, How do you set up BIOS again so it will keep booting?

Seems to work great, have used Openoffice. When I got the laptop it was having a number of issues at startup, I updated the BIOS as part of the diagnostic process.