Service Mode Configuration Chapter 18 Following is the main function of the control panel. Basic Sequence Chapter 3 3. Chapter 12 Displayed log is only five latest log. Based on the “information 3 from 2 preparation”, there is proxy server in user network, make the proxy setting.

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Chapter 6 F F canon imagerunner c1022i Remove the claw [1] to remove the harness guide [2]. Page Chapter 8 Error Codes: Page Chapter 17 The following samples show the expected errors in A4 or letter size medias.

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Duplexing print operation canon imagerunner c1022i the condition where three sheets remain in the machine T Pattern image for color displacement correction The pattern images are formed on both sides of the ETB certain distance away from the center in the canon imagerunner c1022i order.

Hence, adjustment in the market is being performed. Page Chapter 17 10 When projecting the transparency, image looks dark. In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbolthe arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal.

Page Chapter 12 aa. Chapter iimagerunner to Duplexing Canon imagerunner c1022i Operation Chapter 9 9. System Management Settings Chapter 1 1. Delivery Chapter 9 9.

Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks. Canob toner image transferred to the paper can be smeared easily by hands since it is only attracted to the paper by a static electricity. F 6 Close the ADF canon imagerunner c1022i cover [1]. Since the ETB is charged positive by the transfer roller, the negative-charged toner on the photosensitive drum is transferred to the paper.

Cassette Separation Pad Chapter 9 9. The document is fed through the reverse path. Sensor Chapter 15 c10222i Chapter 12 Canon imagerunner c1022i t.

At the time of color printing or monochrome printing of the specified thick paper, all the transfer rollers are engaged with the ETB, so the transfer roller disengagement slider is considered to be at the standard position. F 7 Remove canon imagerunner c1022i ADF unit communication cable [1]. Be sure to clear the value after the replacement of parts. Chapter 18 Compatibility Counter description Sent scan total 3 black and white Sent scan total 4 color Sent scan total 4 black and white Sent scan total 5 color Sent scan total 5 black and white Sent scan total 6 color Sent scan total 6 black and white Sent scan total 7 color Sent scan total 7 black and white.

Duplexing Feed Control Chapter canon imagerunner c1022i 9.

Page Chapter 7 The following is the operational sequence at printing. Toner Cartridge Chapter 8 8. Error Code Details Chapter 16 Page 70 Imaterunner canon imagerunner c1022i System Management Set. Chapter 11 F The 2 laser driver PCBs, the 2 scanner motors, and the 2 polygon mirrors are installed on the laser scanner unit.

The following cases can be considered in the becoming “NG! Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses a secure server to encrypt all sensitive information.

This test print can be executed without the main controller PCB. If the CCD unit is broken, replace the reader unit. Page Chapter 17 Fine lines in feeding direction Supplement When printing images, vertical thin lines may appear canon imagerunner c1022i the image.

Page Chapter 9 Pickup and Feed System Chapter 12 F h. Page Chapter 17 Throughput Down Control Chapter 10 This manual also imagrunner Make sure to install the ferrite core [2] attached to the harness [1] – 8 screws [2] between the 2 wire canon imagerunner c1022i [3].

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The DC controller increases the process speed four times faster when the paper is fed to the reverse assembly. Chapter 8 A pattern image for image gradation correction Image gradation correction pattern is canon imagerunner c1022i on the position away from ETB center to right and left in the following order.

Chapter 9 8 Fit the rod [1] with the cutoff of the shaft [2] to remove the rod. F 10 Remove the screw [1]. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual. Canon imagerunner c1022i The Laser Chapter 7 7. Fax Specifications Chapter 1 1.

Chapter 9 F 6 Disconnect the connector [1] and free the harness [2] from the harness guide [3]. The Manufacturer part of the item. It takes approx, 3min.